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NEW -January 2011
What's New on Airbum?

• Bucker Jungmiester, 160 hp
• Commonwealth/Rearwin Skyranger

Past Pireps
• Ford Tri-Motor
• Super Plane Comparison

• SF 260 Turboprop
• Christen Eagle
• 1929 Command-Aire
• Piper Comanche
• BD-4, 4-place homebuilt
• 250 hp Super Swift
• Landing a Cub on a Truck
• Funk (1947 classic)

• F8F Grumman Bearcat

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This is a separate section of Airbum.com that reproduces the short little "sidebar" pireps and aircraft profiles I've been doing for Model Airplane News for years. In 500 words, or so, I rip through the high points of the airplane trying to give a feeling for its personality and use. You can read through one of these in a minute or two. Great for killing time while you're on hold:



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