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Part 2 (click here for Part 1)

TBM Avengers, talk about small worlds. One of my good friends whom I met only a few years ago was in the back seat of the third airplane when he was only 17, 20 years ago. We found this out by accident.

GrummanTBM-fourship.jpg (75690 bytes)

 View through a 100 mil, Mk.8 gun sight as used in P-47s and all Navy birds (they used 70 mil reticles)

GunSightImage.jpg (38647 bytes)

 The late Bill Ross was the first to have a really restored P-38

P-38overclouds.jpg (57548 bytes)

Lockheed P-38, on display at Tillamook Naval Aviation Museum in Tillamook, Oregon.

A couple of years ago we lost our best and most prolific warbird writer/pilot, Jeff Ethell. Only a month or so before his death, Jeff and I had a terrific time shooting the picures below. Although he had little time in the airplane, he flew the slow speed formation like he was born to the machine. He was the first person I called when we launched Flight Journal. He's another friend we'll all miss.

P-38Cockpit.jpg (120868 bytes)P-38Lightning1.jpg (70983 bytes)P-38Lightning2.jpg (52055 bytes)P-38Lightning3.jpg (36276 bytes)P-38Lightning4.jpg (60370 bytes)

P-38Lightning6.jpg (69110 bytes)P-38Lightning7.jpg (62358 bytes)P-38Lightning8.jpg (45057 bytes)P-38Throttle.jpg (69868 bytes)

P-40EP-40fP-47.jpg (66965 bytes) P-40KP-40Koverclouds.jpg (86199 bytes)P-40P-47formation.jpg (129401 bytes)

Thunderbolt Gallery

P-47D-30P-47D-30Razorback.jpg (44906 bytes) P-47D-40HP-47D-40silverleftturn.jpg (80533 bytes)P-47Thunderbolt1.jpg (51292 bytes)P-47Thunderbolt2.jpg (50374 bytes)P-47Thunderbolt3.jpeg (80269 bytes)P-47Thunderbolt4.jpeg (51905 bytes)

Mustang Gallery

P-514-shipformation.jpg (69898 bytes)P-51DPassionWagonnose.jpg (48422 bytes)P-51four-ship.jpg (66583 bytes)P-51-Glennis.jpg (78886 bytes)P-51JumpinJacques.jpg (55296 bytes)P-51knife edgePWagon.jpg (58104 bytes)P-51sillouhette.jpg (47373 bytes)P-51Sunsetoverwater.jpg (79315 bytes)P-51-P-40Formation.jpg (37030 bytes)

T-6/SNJ/Harvard Gallery

SNJfT-6GTMOpaintinside.jpg (62960 bytes)SNJfT-6GTMOpaintrear.jpg (70213 bytes)T-6fHarvardVertical.jpg (124627 bytes)T-6fHarvardverticle.jpg (91014 bytes)T-6fSNJSixofDiamonds.jpg (73813 bytes)T-6fSNJturnevening.jpg (60648 bytes)T-6Sillouhette.jpg (112230 bytes)

GrummanF6FCorsairForm.jpg (38215 bytes)Hienkel 111 (Casa)HeinkelGround.jpg (88664 bytes)

PT-22's PT-22formation.jpg (98297 bytes)

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