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These are the air combat maneuvering simulators at Luke AFB. Look in the article section to see what it's like to fly them.

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DecathlonAerobaticDecathlon7KCAB.jpg (66477 bytes) Bellanca Skyrocket II, first composite birdBellancaSkyrocketIIcomposit.jpg (54226 bytes)

Malcom Forbes' Boeing 727, "The Capitalist Tool". This is the way Steve Forbes grew up. Not exactly a log cabin upbringing for a presidential candidate is it?

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We are fortunate enough to call Patty Wagstaff a close friend (although I don't dare leave her and my wife, the Arizona Redhead, Marlene, in a bar alone). As a person she combines tremendous intellect, backbone and tenacity with a surprising amount of shyness when taken out of her element. Here are some random shots taken for her publicity mill. Take special note of the vertical down planform. In any verticle shot, the camership and subject plane are in the same attitude, usually a loop. In this case, Carl Pascarell (the only person I'll trust in this situation) was flying me. We'd go over the top of a loop, stop going straight down, then Patty would turn into us and we'd fly that formation until we were going too fast. Then Carl would pull out. Lotsa fun!

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Couldn't pass this one up. "Free Semen"!!! Makes you wonder what they're doing in the tent.

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Ken Brock (left shot) is another of our friends. A true gentleman and king of the gyro pilots

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Yak 52, biggest bang for the warbird buck! $125K brand new!

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Zlin 242, good airplane in search of a bigger motor

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Jimmy Buffet doing what he does best at the Phoenix 500 races. And, yes, there is an aviation connection here. Buffet is an addicted seaplane pilot. Get his books, Tales From Margaritaville, In Search of Joe Merchant and his latest, A Pirate Turns Fifty. We guarantee you won't be disappointed and, no, we don't know him and we aren't getting royalties. Airplanes figure into all of his books.

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