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AeroncaC-3closeup.jpg (97787 bytes)Aeronca C-3 going nowhere fast. Flies exactly the way it looks. There will be a pirep coming up on it. Keep checking the pirep section.

Beech StaggerwingC-17L2.jpg (84042 bytes)Beech StaggerwingG-17Sturn.jpg (46626 bytes)BeechStaggerwingC-17L.jpg (77539 bytes)

450 hp Beech G-17S Staggerwing and C-17L with the small engine

BoeingP-12E.jpg (139744 bytes)Last flying Boeing P-12EBoeingP-26Peashooter.jpg (85061 bytes)Last Flying P-26A

Bucker Jungmann (Czech)Bucker(Czech)Jungmanninvert.jpg (76828 bytes)

Bucker Jungmiester

The Bucker Jungmiester has a legendary reputation and I, for one, think it desserves it. It is still among the top ten of the 250 different types I've flown. Incredibly predictable snapping airplane, it has practically no vertical performance, but is tremendous fun to fly.

BuckerJungmiester.jpg (97656 bytes)BuckerJungmiester99.jpg (111057 bytes)BuckerJungmiesterground.jpg (88324 bytes)BuckerJungmiesterinsid.jpg (121377 bytes)BuckerJungmiesterverticle.jpg (135816 bytes)BuckerJunmiesterrear.jpg (106066 bytes)

1929 CommandAire. Big and lazy flierCommandAire.jpg (77507 bytes)CommandAirefrontview.jpg (116029 bytes)


Fairchild 71

The Fairchild 71 is practically unknown today but it was a real hauler in her day. This one still does sight seeing tours out of Lodi, California and the surrounding area. She was banged up a year or so ago and I'm not sure if she's back up again or not.

Fairchild71air.jpg (72116 bytes)Fairchild71airfnose.jpg (91876 bytes)Fairchild71airfsunset.jpg (43311 bytes)Fairchild71backseat.jpg (94410 bytes)Fairchild71controls.jpg (80959 bytes)Fairchild71fuelvalves.jpg (83014 bytes)Fairchild71instrumentpanel.jpg (85541 bytes)Fairchild71passengercabin.jpg (66072 bytes)Fairchild71sidefnose.jpg (99621 bytes)Fairchild71trimwheel.jpg (64458 bytes)Fairchild71wingsfolded.jpg (84057 bytes)

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Old Rhinebeck flies hundreds of passengers each year in their 1928 New Standard. Their passenger hoping season starts before their airshow season and lasts longer. If you've never been to Old Rhinebeck, it is worth a trip from anywhere in the world to experience the airplanes and the incredible atmosphere they've created.

New Standardrear.jpg (144399 bytes)NewStandardinside.jpg (118488 bytes)

Rhinebeck's Nieuport 11 (Bebe) uses an original rotary engine as do the rest of their WWI fighters. It's a real kick to hear one of those things run and know the pilot is flying without benefit of a throttle. It's either all the way on or off.

Nieuport11silver.jpg (97985 bytes)Nieuport11silverfront.jpg (73229 bytes)Nieuport24inside.jpg (110508 bytes)

There is nothing louder than Rhinebeck's Camel with it's rotary engine

SopwithCamelinsidedark.jpg (105252 bytes)

Last flying original Curtiss Jenny with a Hispano-Suiza engine. Part of the Old Rhinebeck airshow troupe.