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A-26 InvaderA-26Silverleftturn.jpg (49444 bytes)

ACM simulator at Luke AFB, see ACM articleACES-ACMSimiulators.jpg (98350 bytes)ACES-ACMSimulatorfrominside.jpg (82823 bytes)

AD SpadsADSkyraidertwoship.jpg (65470 bytes) AD-5 Fat Face Spads/SandyAD-5Skyraider1.jpg (48418 bytes)

AD-5Skyraider2.jpg (68618 bytes)AD-5Skyraider3.jpg (55193 bytes)AD-5Skyraider4.jpg (43153 bytes)AD-5Skyraider5.jpg (73021 bytes)

AT-6A AT-6Asilverleft turn.jpg (59040 bytes)

The following B-17 Shoo-Shoo Baby is one of very few surviving 'Forts with combat history, It was flown only 5 times after it was restored before it was put in the Air Force Museum.

B-17Shoo-Shooairclose.jpg (62361 bytes)B-17Shoo-Shooairfnose.jpg (211149 bytes)B-17Shoo-Shoodirtyturn.jpg (68642 bytes)

B-17Shoo-Shooground.jpg (87170 bytes)B-17Shoo-Shooturn.jpg (56075 bytes)

CAF''s "Texas Raider"B-17TexasRaiderslefttrn.jpg (73179 bytes) BroussardBrequetFrenchLbird.jpg (65102 bytes)

C-47 GooneyC-47B-25form.jpg (62542 bytes)C-47Head-on.jpg (65018 bytes)C-47nose.jpg (63151 bytes)

F-4U-4 and FG-1D on way back from Baa Baa Blacksheep filming

CorsairF-4USunset.jpg (161377 bytes)CorsairsF-4UBlacksheepform.jpg (60259 bytes)

I'll take luck any day. I was talking to some warbird friends about putting up one of each type and they said, "Let's go for it." Ten minutes later we were airborne. It worked just like we knew what we were doing. Front to back, the late Bill Ross. Rudy Frasca, I'm having a brain glitch and can't think of the Jug driver, and Hess Bomberger who flew Mustangs in WWII.

FigtrFamily.jpg (88222 bytes)

FM-2 WildcatGrumman Wildcatdownview.jpg (62070 bytes)GrummanFM-2WildcatDirty.jpg (59371 bytes)GrummanWildcatovercloud.jpg (40867 bytes)GrummanWildcatsunset.jpg (61041 bytes)

Grumman G-32A, two place F-3FGrummanF3FG-32Aairupview.jpg (43065 bytes)GrummanF3FG-32Aground.jpg (76703 bytes)

F8F Bearcat, Best airplane I ever flewGrummanF8F-1sillouhette.jpg (40094 bytes)

Grumman duck now on display at the Tillamook Naval Aviation Museum in Oregon, shot from the waist blister of their PBY.GrummanJ2FDuckcockpit.jpg (88575 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckdownfsurf.jpg (91559 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckFloatTip.jpg (73564 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckground.jpg (85047 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckHead-on.jpg (110697 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckLookupatit.jpg (75180 bytes)

GrummanJ2FDuckoverfog.jpg (81333 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckoverwater.jpg (128499 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckoverwater2.jpg (260822 bytes)GrummanJ2FDuckoverwater3.jpg (45334 bytes)

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