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We apologize for the small number of classic shots presented here, but that'll change over the next few months. As the owners of a Cessna 140A, we're partial to the breed, but we were late getting the slides sorted out and scanned. Getting slides scanned and prepped for the site turned out to be an enormous task (over 300 are on the site right now), but we're getting better at it, so hang in there with us and keep coming back to see what we've added.

Aeronca ChampAeroncaChamp7ACdusk.jpg (65921 bytes)AeroncaChamp7ACnose.jpg (88604 bytes)
Cessna 140Cessna140insideturn.jpg (71398 bytes)

Classic Formation in Prescott, AZ at Tailwheels and More (flight school). Our Desert Dog is the last one in the stack.

ClassicFormationCubf140f108.jpg (120255 bytes)

Putting the bum in AirBum or the a-- in classicClassicsmoonshot.jpg (80686 bytes)

ErcoupeErcoupedownangle.jpg (192613 bytes)

The unknown Ercoupe Pilot. Look closely at the pilot in the right seat who is doing the formation flying. Carl Pascarell lost the flip when deciding who was going to fly a 195 Cessna or the Ercoupe in a two-ship shot. He formed up under the camera ship and when I called him into formation, I fired off a dozen shots before I realized he'd carried his desire not to be seen flying an Ercoupe to new hieghts.

ErcoupeUnknownCoupepilot.jpg (94558 bytes)

85 hp Swifts are super rare as most of them have been modified to larger engines. Mark Holiday flew this one and used to do a terrific airshow in it.

GlobefTemcoSwift85hp.jpg (67808 bytes)

Luscombe 8ELuscombeinstrumentpanel.jpg (73026 bytes)

Myers 145Meyers145rightturn.jpg (144018 bytes) J-3 CubsPiperJ-3Cubautumn.jpg (93208 bytes)PiperJ-3Cubformation.jpg (78171 bytes)

Tailwheels and More, Inc.

These are part of the training fleet at Tailwheels and More in Prescott, Arizona. They are our favorite tailwheel trasition outfit anda bunch of fun troops. Theyhave a barbeque the last Saturday of each month during the summer. They refer to themselves as "Tailwheel Trash" which is a high accolade in our book. Look them up on the web.
Cessna 140/120Cessna140-120.jpg (50513 bytes) Piper J-5, PA-12PiperCruiserForm.jpg (83546 bytes)

Piper Tri-Pacer PiperTriPacer2.jpg (82514 bytes)PiperPA-22Tri-Pacercanyon.jpg (160001 bytes)

BC-12 Taylorcraft Taylorcraft3.jpg (71364 bytes)