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Part 2 (click here for Part 1)

When Howard Hughes finally decided he'd raised enough caine and it was okay to die, his Sikorsky S-43 was one of many airplanes that surfaced in out of the way places. Flight Journal ran a story on the airplane and some time in the next several months, we'll have it posted in the Articles section of Airbum.

SikorskyS-43nose.jpg (79504 bytes)SikorskyS-43rearsillo.jpg (124406 bytes)SikorskyS-43side.jpg (60444 bytes)SikorskyS-43upfnose.jpg (47035 bytes)

Spartan Executives. We'll be adding a bunch of Spartan shots in future issues of

SpartanMrMennencloud.jpg (49687 bytes)Spartannose.jpg (69621 bytes)

SVA StampeStampeRhinebecktakeoff.jpg (60679 bytes)

StearmanStearmanN2Sdownview.jpg (96413 bytes)

Tiger Moths at Old RhinebeckTigermothRhinebeck-civtkoff.jpg (62529 bytes)TigermothRhinebecktakeoff.jpg (60402 bytes)

Jim Younkin is something of a national treasure because of all the craftsmanship and artistry he has brought to restoring and recreating antique airplanes. Here's his Travel Air Mystery Ship replica and a pirep on his Mullicoupe and Mr. Mulligan can be found in the pilot report section.

TravelAirMysteryshiprear.jpg (50420 bytes)TravelAirMysteryShipturn.jpg (114153 bytes)

Bill Nutting of Prescott, Arizona owns and flies one of the three WACO SRE''s still flying. It's a beautiful, high speed (190 mph) old gal that are seen entirely too seldom.

WACOSREAirfbehind.jpg (176778 bytes)WACOSREAirfSedona.jpg (157589 bytes)WACOSREGroundSedona.jpg (116262 bytes)WACOSREinhangar.jpg (91810 bytes)WACOSREinstrumentpanel.jpg (114937 bytes)WACOSRErearfflight.jpg (85589 bytes)

WACO UPFWACOUPF-7turn.jpg (77982 bytes)WACOUPFwingover.jpg (68055 bytes)

WACO ZPFWACOZPF.jpg (105953 bytes)WACOZPFdownview.jpg (90476 bytes)WACOZPFrightturn.jpg (120320 bytes)

Not truly an antique, this replica of the first land based airplane to break 300 mph (304mph in 1933), the Modell 44 Wedell-Williams was built by Jim Clevenger, Marion, NC and engineered and designed by your's truly. No speed demons, it took us 15 years to finish the airplane. Cool, huh!?

Wedell-Williams44ground.jpg (67234 bytes)Wedell-Williams44nose.jpg (61893 bytes)Wedell-Williamssmall.jpg (38869 bytes)

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