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About AirBum.com

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Archiving a Ton of Info 
AirBum.Com is first a living magazine, which covers new, exciting aspects of sport and recreational aviation. Secondly, it archives many of the more interesting articles, photos and columns we've produced in the past and organizes them so that the information they contain can be easily accessed. These articles include everything from pireps on Mustangs and Cubs to the fine art of welding steel and banging aluminum. Also, neat pictures of airplanes are timeless and the photo archive section features some real goodies.

If you do a word-search of the site, you're bound to turn up something that ties in with what you're looking for.

AirBum.Com is Constantly Changing 
This site is being modified on an almost daily basis as both new and old articles are added. Get on our e-newsletter mailing list where we'll send out a short monthly bulletin letting you know what's been added in the past month.

Other Neat Stuff
Check out the Neat Sh-t section for stuff that's interesting but not airplane related. We're starting off with a piece on ghost towns, we'll be building a flintlock rifle and generally touching on things wierd and wonderful, as they strike our fancy

Making Photos and Books Available for Sale 
We're searching for an economical way to make prints of photos available. Also, Budd Davisson's novels are available and for sale direct. See the Photo or Fiction section for samples.

Welcome Aboard! 
Anyway, we're going to have a good time. Also, when we get it up and running next month, don't be afraid to jump into the chat room and become part of the AirBum scene. Who knows? Maybe we'll eventually have our own T-shirts and secret hand shake! 

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