June 08
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• new peanut pireps
• Amputee Pitts pilot
new pireps : Pilot Reports
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Pitts Special

If you don't like perfect airplanes, you're in the wrong section.
Yeah, we're biased towards Pitts Specials. It's hard not to be.
After 43 years of owning and instructing in them, we know a great airplane when we see one.

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Want Recommendations?

Read the article in Plane and Pilot where the editor flies with us. Go to

This Budd's For You.

We can teach anyone to land a Pitts. Click below where we check out an amputee.
Where There's a Will

Pitts Ad
The ad we run in Sport Aerobatics

Flight Training gift certificates available
At the very least you should point this out to your spouse. ...you never know.

Come "Live" the Pitts Training Experience
...Stay at Our Place

Come On Down!
Spend a few days or a few weeks with us.

We don't just teach Pitts flying--we live it.
We invite you to come sweat your butt off really learning to land a Pitts but lounge around our pool or enjoy Scottsdale between hops. You and your significant other will love the experience.

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N8PB, "The Other Redhead" based at Scottsdale/Phoenix.
Other Redhead
House front 08 Pool High

'Finally got Around to a pirep on Charley
Yep, we finally got around to putting up a new Pitts pilot report. This time it's the Charley model (S-2C), Aviat's newest. Take a look and let us know what you think.

A Great Gift Idea for Pitts Freaks and Aviation Buffs: The Stonewall File!

Budd's newest novel, is a great gift.

Among other things, the hero flies an S-2C (lucky bastard).
This is a fun adventure tale of a modern day Baby Boomer investigating the
mysterious disappearance of his father's B-17 during WWII.
Go to Stonewall File for sample chapters and ordering information.

Have it autographed to the person you're giving it to. OR give it to yourself :-)

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