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Non Aviation (Neat Sh*t) Website Links

What we have here is yet another outpouring of websites that may or may not blow your whistle, but for one reason or another, I thought they were cool enough to bookmark and felt like sharing. So, now I'm sharing. Enjoy.

You'll see a lot of military oriented stuff here, which I've run across while doing Flight Journal (www.flightjournal.com). You do read Flight Journal, don't you!

As we stumble across new and interesting sites, we'll toss them in here so keep coming back. We'll add the new stuff at the back.

WWII In Color http://www.ww2incolor.com/ Original WWII Photography.
Color film had just barely been made readily available when WWII started so it’s really unusual to see some of these scenes in color. The German color is especially interesting, since they had very little of that type of film.

WWII Radio Gear. http://aafradio.org/ Explaination and illustrations of WWII airborne radio equipment.
This is a private site where an individual has recovered and restored all of the airborne radio systems used during WWII. An absolute unbelievable labor of love.

Who Makes What Tools? http://www.team.net/www/morgan/tech/whotools.html Tool making subcontrators identified
Since few manufacturers actually make their own tools, here’s a guide to see who and where specific tools are actually made. .

Williams Low Buck Tools - Low cost sheet metal tools.
Before you buy something to build that airplane, check here first. Airplanes don’t need industrial strength tools that carry the big prices.

.Old Woodworking Machines http://www.owwm.com/classifieds/viewmsg.asp?msgid=429&catid=1&subcatid=82
Old woodworking machines are discussed including repairs, etc. This is the kind of place you're looking for when trying to fix your out of production wood working machine.

.POW-MIA Stats, All Wars http://www.aiipowmia.com/stats.html Military personell statistics from all the wars.
This gives some fascinating insight into war.

War Scholar - Military research material
This is the go-to place for military history stuff

Battlefield Finds - WWII artifacts found on European battlefields.
This is a European site that features stories and private finds of battlefield relics. Think of all the stuff that was blown up or dropped by soldiers in WWI and WWII. Thousands of years from now that stuff will still be turning up.

A Fighter Pilot's Story - WWII fighter pilot autobiography
A compelling story told by a pilot during WWII. One of the very best you’ll read, plus it’s not one of the super aces. Just a regular guy trying to stay alive.

Birthdays http://www.famousbirthdays.com/mar.html - Celebrities who have same birthday as you.
The site not only offers a long list of famous birthdays but lets you plug your in and see who you share your birthday with.

The Yard Store – new, used and surplus aircraft tools/material
Located in Wichita, The Yard Store has access to more surplus tools, etc., than most. Also has good selection of airplane building tools.

Craftmanship Museum - Displays of craftsmanship in wood, metal and other materials
If you think you know how to built stuff, don’t look at this site. It’ll make you realize where you actually fit in the craftsmanship totem pole. There are some unbelievable pieces of craftsmanship here in all types of materials

Quicken Loan Calculator http://www.quicken.com/banking_and_credit/loan_calc/ Loan calculator. You probably already have this bookmarked, but if not, it's a handy thing to have.

Yiddish Dictionary http://www.bubbygram.com/yiddishglossary.htm Don't laugh. You have no idea when this will come in handy.