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Sport Aviation, Recreational Aviation Website Links
This is where we tossed everything having to do with sport aviation, homebuilding airplanes, warbirds, tools for
building airplanes and anything else we didn't know what to do with. We'll repeat sites from
some of the other areas because we don't want you to miss them.

As we stumble across new and interesting sites, we'll toss them in here so keep coming back. We'll add the new stuff at the back.

TinmanTech.com– Welding and Metal Forming Videos and Equipment
If it has to do with welding any kind of material or structure, this is the place to go. Kent White not only sells the hardware, but the knowledge as well—his videos are second to none. Focuses on welding odd materials, compound forming aluminum and constructing tubing structures. Great stuff!

CEP, Communications Ear Protection, Inc.. http://www.cep-usa.com/ CEP makes auxiliary hearing pieces that adapt to normal headsets and are among the very best solutions to ambient noise. Even better, they are inexpensive. We use them..

Vintage Aircraft Manuals http://www.esscoaircraft.com They have manuals for all types of civilian and military airplanes and engines. An invaluable resource.

Density Altitude Calculator. http://wahiduddin.net/calc/calc_da_rh.htm This is an online calculator that lets you change all the different variables and see what your density altitude actually is in any situation. You'll learn a lot playing with it.

Williams Low Buck Tools
Before you buy something to build that airplane, check here first. Airplanes don’t need industrial strength tools that carry the big prices..

Airfoils on Different Airplanes. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/X-Plane/PlaneMaker/Airfoils Lots of times we wonder what airfoil a given airplane uses, okay maybe not all of us do, but when you get an urge for an airfoil technology fix, this is the place to look.

A Fighter Pilot's Story
A compelling story told by a pilot during WWII. One of the very best you’ll read, plus it’s not one of the super aces. Just a regular guy trying to stay alive.

Warbird Adventures - Warbird rides in Florida
Fly the "Pilot Maker," the North American T-6 "Texan." Choose the aerobatic option and see central Florida upside down!

.Av-Museum Guide and General Neat Info http://www.skytamer.com/Air-Aviation-Museums-Guide-USA-Minnesota.htm Besides listing lots of museums, this site is jammed with interesting information of an aviation nature.

Aviation Crash Sites http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/src/crashsites.htm A continually updated listing of old aircraft crash sites around the world.

Aircraft at Pearl Harbor http://www.ww2pacific.com/aaf41.html A complete listing of the aircraft at Pearl Harbor and what happened to them.

The Yard Store – new, used and surplus aircraft tools/material
Located in Wichita, The Yard Store has access to more surplus tools, etc., than most. Also has good selection of airplane building tools.

The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Useage
Great stuff for the designers amongst us. And the technologically curious.

The Famous Patton Speech - The original Patton speech, pre-PC
Doesn't fit in this section but didn't want you to miss it. Old George knew how to tell it the way it was. ‘Sure wish we had someone like him today.

P-51 Performance Testing -P-51 Mustang being tested by USAAC

This is accounting of the original AAF testing of the Mustang.

Aces and Information -Fighter Ace Information from all wars
A great source of information on the aces of all wars.

Aviation Engine Manufacturers Listing - Aircraft engine manufacturers listing

Lots of escoteric information you probably don't need but would never find, if you did.

Axis Aircraft Survivors - List of German Aircraft and Japanese Aircraft that still exist

Very few Axis aircraft have survived to this date. This site lists them all.

RAF Gunsights - WWII Gunsights and their reticles as used in British fighters

This lets you see what RAF fighter pilots saw during combat.

Historic Aircraft Locator -Vintage and antique airplane locator for museums and otherwise

Here you just key in an airplane type and it tells you where they are located.

Propeller Calculatorr -Propeller tip speed calculator to calculate propeller length required

Not sure how much prop your engine can turn before the tips go supersonic? This will tell you.

Russia in WWII -Russian WWII veterans, including pilots, tell their stories

A Russian website that has veterans talking about their side of the war. Lots of pilots in it.

Abandoned and Little Known Airfields - Lost airfields and airports, military and civilian are located

This is a very cool site and will have you poking around your local area.

Your Captain Speaking Wisdom with humor through the eyes of the fearless aviator. Funny stuff.

Air War - Vietnam
History of ALL Flying Squadrons that flew in/over Nam

Great Aviation e-Cards, special flash cards for airline crew

Fokker Dr.1.com A pictorial history research site to identify all 320 Fokker Dr1 triplanes. There is Fokker Dr1 and Manfred Von Richthofen photos, books, artwork along with WW1 aviation links

American Bonanza Society -Beechcraft Bonanza Organization
http:// www.bonanza.org/

Bellanca-Champion Club - Club for Bellanca Cruiseairs, Cruisemasters, Vikings and Citabrias

Antique Airplane Association -Antique airplane organization

If you don't belong, you should. Their fly-in at Blakesburg, Iowa is one of the very best and most enjoyable.

Fairchild Club - Club for Fairchild F-24, Fairchild PT-19, PT-23, PT-26

Tailwheel Association -Tailwheel training organization that supports most airplane types.

Another one to support. They reach out and encompass most airplanes, regardless of type, if they have a tailwheel.

National Aeronca Association - Association for Aeronca Chiefs, Champs and Sedans

Aeronca Aviators Club - Association for all those who fly and enjoy Aeronca aircraft

Short Wing Piper Club -Focuses on short wing Pipers (obviously!), Vagabond, Clippers, Pacers, Tripacer,

One of the most active and important type clubs. Everyone is welcome.

Cessna 120/140 Association -Cessna 120, Cessna 140 organization for support

Don’t think about being interested in these airplanes without joining. Lots of good tech support.

The Bucker Pages – Jungmanns and Jungmiester reference and support site
These aren’t airplanes, they are a disease. Or, at the very least, an addiction.

The Type Club List will keep growing, as will the rest. Just keep coming back.